Parish News

It is with heartfelt sympathy that we remember in our prayers the family of Wesley Forrester. Wes passed away Wed, June 16, 2021. Ms. Sharon and family; May God keep you, hold you and see you through.

Hugs and Courage

Hugs & Courage is a Women’s Cancer support Group. That meets the 1st Tuesday every month at Moore Funeral Home (side entrance) from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. Need more information please contact: Cindy Ware (573-631-5652), Kim Hughes (573-854-2266) or Angie Chazelle (573-366-8561).

The St. Louis Review is your faith resource to local, national and international news. If you are not a parish subscriber, contact the parish office or make a parish contribution with your request to receive the St. Louis Review in your home. If you are a current parish subscriber, consider a parish contribution of $35 or more today.

With the parish subscription you have print and online access because of parish your contributions which includes your prayer, sacrament,  ministry, volunteering (when we are able) and of course your financial contributions. There is no expiration date with your parish subscription access as long as you make regular contributions with your parish.

Call to Say the Rosary Everyday

Responding to The Blessed Mother’s call to say the Rosary everyday, Father Fleming leads the Rosary daily after the 8:00 a.m. Mass, as well as after the 9:00 a.m. Mass on Saturday and after the 8:00 a.m. Mass on Sunday. Everyone is welcome and the Graces received from the Rosary are definitely a Blessing that we, as Catholics can take advantage of. You can say the Rosary for a loved one, our country, or whatever you choose. The Blessed Mother is listening.

Attention ALL Volunteers

Per the Archdiocese of St. Louis ALL volunteers (not just those that work with children) MUST register with the new Prevent and Protect STL website: even if you have registered previously with the website. This is mandated for all volunteers and employees and must be completed by July 31, 2020. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact Matt Farr at (573) 436-0411 or

Parish Dinner - Update

St. James Parish Council is working on our Parish Dinner; scheduled for this October 10, 2021. Someone has graciously volunteered to take the lead for the dinning room.

We are also working on a grand raffle. If you know of a great raffle opportunity, or you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact a parish council member or leave a messag on the office phone.

We need all the help we can get to make this year’s dinner a success.

What a better way to come together in fellowship than to enjoy a wonderful meal together!

All who feel called to join our amazing team of catechist. We need your special talents and gifts to help educate our young people, to help get them excited again about their faith, to help bring them back to church and help them grow deeper in their faith. You’re feeling that urge, we know you are. So just pick up that phone and give Julie a call, (573) 436-0144 / 727-808-9273! We need you!

Special Ministers & Lectors
Now that we are back to church, we need our Special ministers and lectors back also!! If you are not a lector or minister, but would be
interested in becoming one, please call the office and leave your information and we will contact you. Maybe some of our younger generation would be interested?

Young Catholic Musicians
The Young Catholic Musicians orchestra and choir will hold auditions during July for singers and instrumentalists age 10 – 17. The YCM 47th Season begins in August. For additional information or to schedule an audition, contact Fr. Bruce Forman at or 314-231-7464 or Mrs. Mary Smith at or 314-962-4040.